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Avenues for Parent Information

Parents and Guardians are an important part of the Conqueror Family.  At Los Altos High School we have several avenues to provide information to you and for you to communicate back to us. Our goal is to keep the lines of communication open and accessible.  


  1. Aeries Parent Portal--Aeries is an online website that allows both students and parents to check grades, attendance and class calendars.  As well it directly links to each teacher's email.  Each student has their own personal access code and each parent or guardian has their own personal access code.  Continuing students' keep the same account from the year prior; new Conqueror families will receive their account information through the mail in the two weeks of school to set up the accounts.  If account access is needed sooner or if their is an issue with the account then contact the Guidance office and we will assist.  The Aeries link is on the home page of our website.
  2. Aeries E-Mail Push--When parents or guardians sign up for Aeries it requires an email address. LAHS frequently pushes information out to students and parents through this avenue.  It is vital that all information is current and accurate.  Information is sent out by whole community, grade level information and/or individual teachers to their students/parents.  In emergencies Aeries E-Mail Push is the main avenue of communication to parents and students.

Parent Kiosks are provided  for our parents or guardians without internet capabilities so that all our stakeholders have access to their students' information.  

  1. Conqueror APP - Download our new App from the Apple store or Google play store.  
  2. Conqueror Marquee--We post weekly information and reminders on our site marquee as well as student commendations.  
  3. Los Altos Website--The LAHS website is a work in progress.  It is the goal that the website be a one stop information hub for Conqueror parents/guardians, students and community.  We will be adding information weekly.  If there is information  that you feel would be helpful as a parent or student then please contact an administer through the link on the front page.  We will be linking LAHS Academy websites to our homepage as soon as possible.  
  4. Los Altos Facebook--Our official site page is Los Altos High School, Conquerors.  Our FB page is where we post the most current pictures and student activities on campus--it literally is a glimpse into Conqueror Life. It is connected the Los Altos ASB page and the Los Altos Renaissance page. 
  5. Twitter--Our official Twitter address is  and is directly linked to our FB page.  
  6. Phone Messenger--Our school data system is linked to Phone Messenger which is an automated phone system.  Based upon what you indicated on the emergency card as your primary contact phone number, Phone Messenger allows us to send mass voice messages (information) or individual voice messages (absences).  It is very important that we have current and correct information for  you to receive messages from this system.