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Click HERE to view the Aeries Instructions.           

Follow this link to the Aeries website.

To set up your account for the first time, please follow these guidelines:

1.) Aeries must be set up on a desktop computer or a laptop

2.) Aeries will not work with Internet Explorer, so please use another browser such as Chrome or Mozilla.

3.)You will need your student's PERMANENT ID, PRIMARY PHONE NUMBER, and VERIFICATION CODE. This information is very specific to what we have on our Aeries system.  You received a label with this information in October. If you have misplaced it you can contact Mrs. Elizabeth Gutierrez-Alcala in the Guidance office either by phone or email at 626-934-5416 or


Once you have completed setting up your account you will have access to your student's grades and attendance.  Aeries will also allow you to email your student's teachers directly from the site (this is the best and easiest way to stay in contact with teachers)


We also encourage you to update the Emergency contact information.  It is very important to maintain these numbers current.